Keeping track of what AI can do and where it is being applied

Here are 630 examples of AI in action.

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Crushing it


Getting there


Professional 57

Buy advertising inventory

Check commercial loan agreements

Optimise retail inventory

Review theft insurance claims

Spot errors in NDAs

Tag documents in a lawsuit


Analyse red carpet fashions

Auction commercial properties

Build project teams

Coach call centre staff

Conduct legal case research

Conduct M&A due diligence

Create a new outdoor sport

Create market reports for used cars

Design a pricing strategy

Evaluate golfers' swings

Figure out popular dishes at restaurants

Guide visitors to a museum

Handle customer support

Help divorced parents settle disputes

Help violinists improve their technique

Make ad placement decisions

Match candidates with job vacancies

Personalise customer experiences

Predict the winner of the football World Cup

Price property insurance accurately

Re-engage dormant email subscribers

Review legal contracts

Review motor insurance claims

Run a luxury concierge

Sell your house

Sort and grade job applicants

Speed up court document processing

Track your basketball practice

Write financial bulletins

Write legal papers and rulings

Write sports bulletins


Coach a football team

Come up with new product ideas

Decide which movies get made

Design better golf clubs

Design perfumes

Evaluate the performance of sportspeople

Host a museum

Match art to potential buyers

Pen rough drafts of articles

Predict box office performance

Predict fashion trends

Reliably measure flavour

Review job applications

Rewrite the news to remove bias

Run a hot pot restaurant

Run a hotel reception desk

Schedule output for a TV channel

Write a car advert

Write advertising slogans

Write fortune cookie messages

Medicine 67

Diagnose pneumonia

Diagnose skin cancers

Identify metastatic breast cancer

Predict autism

Predict heart attack and stroke risk


Create holograms of cervical smears

Detect Alzheimer's disease in brain scans

Diagnose cataracts

Diagnose common childhood ailments

Diagnose nail fungus

Diagnose osteoarthritis of the knees

Diagnose paediatric heart murmurs

Generate oncology treatment plans

Generate sepsis treatment plans

Identify diabetic retinopathy

Identify intercranial haemorrhages

Identify malaria parasites in blood

Measure the severity of small vessel disease

Monitor blood loss during childbirth

Pass a medical licensing exam

Predict cardiovascular risk from retina scans

Predict epileptic seizures

Predict high blood pressure

Predict hypoglycemic events

Predict imminent cardiac arrest

Predict schizophrenia

Predict sepsis

Predict sleep apnea

Predict the outcome of clinical trials

Predict your chance of dying in hospital

Record your visit to the doctor

Screen chest x-rays for a dozen diseases


Analyse images of brain tumours

Detect falls in the home

Detect potassium in your blood

Detect suicidal thoughts

Diagnose common conditions

Diagnose prostate cancer

Enhance cancer pathology reports

Help detect mental health problems

Help nurses care for dementia patients

Identify genetic disorders from your face

Improve electronic health records

Improve palliative care

Increase your longevity

Interpret echocardiograms

Make precise incisions

Monitor outpatients

Optimise embryo selection for IVF

Organise clinical trials

Predict all-cause premature mortality

Predict cognitive ability from birth to age two

Predict future risk of breast cancer

Predict hospital readmissions

Predict leukaemia relapse

Predict outcomes of orthopaedic surgery

Predict whether someone is depressed

Prevent unneeded tests

Read and assess mammograms

Recommend insulin dosages

Scan your poop

Screen for cervical cancer

Smell illnesses in human breath

Suture a wound

Talk to people with depression

Train on medical records without leaking data

Turn brain activity into speech

Security 54

Block or remove Facebook accounts

Detect malware

Enhance pixellated images


Bust a Bitcoin Ponzi scheme

Catch people sharing Netflix passwords

Conduct social media background checks

Deepfake satellite photos

Detect compromised user accounts

Detect computer hackers

Detect ISIS propaganda

Detect revenge porn

Find enemy radars

Flag suicide risk on Facebook

Follow a person without human interaction

Identify fake robbery reports

Identify objects of interest in drone footage

Identify surface-to-air missile sites

Operate a sentry gun

Patrol shopping malls

Recognise the sound of break-ins

Search surveillance footage in real time

Spot burglars

Spot guns in CCTV footage

Spot trolls on Twitter

Staff a police station

Tell living and dead eyeballs apart

Verify your identity from a selfie


Assist cyber-policing operations

Build a virtual border wall

Catch shoplifters in the act

Charge people with jaywalking

Defeat biometric security systems

Detect child abuse images

Detect drug smuggling

Detect liars at border control

Direct drone surveillance

Drive a police car

Drive a tank

Enhance real-time police surveillance

Find late passengers in airports

Flag suspicious people at border crossings

Help run a nuclear submarine

Increase military situational awareness

Interview travellers at airports

Monitor a football stadium

Monitor the border

Predict protests and riots

Predict who is going to commit a crime

Predict Yakuza attacks

Recognise a person carrying a colour printout

Search CCTV by height, gender or clothing

Spot violent online content

Tell if you are drunk from your phone

Threaten our digital, physical and political security

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